Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy or assumed publicize ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy condition in which the egg is fertilized are not dexterous to attach or cling to the mommy’s womb, but attached no place else or every second that in a area known as the fallopian tubes or oviducts, almost the cervix, in the abdomen or in the ovaries. Or in adding together words, ectopic pregnancy meruapakan a condition where the fertilized egg implants in place subsidiary than experiencing it shall place, ie uterus. If the egg is fertilized egg attaches to the channel, it will cause boil or suspension of the egg due to the enhancement of the embryo.

Ectopic pregnancy affects approximately 1% of all pregnancies and this is an emergency condition in which by now is needed hastily. Because if left unchecked the condition is utterly risky and dexterous of threatening the computer graphics of the mother, this is caused by bleeding in the abdominal cavity, and otherwise of bleeding out. In the warfare of ectopic pregnancy, the fetus has the possibility of a enormously smaller than that to be practiced to survive. But in a little number of conditions, for example in the abdominal pregnancy, pregnancy and the fetus can survive until the era of delivery and if the delivery is done by Caesarean, along with there is hope and the possibility of a baby’s relic.
Causes of Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is usually caused by many things, and most often is caused by an infection of the fallopian tubes (fallopian tubes – fallopian tube). Ectopic pregnancy is likely in conditions:

Mom never had an ectopic pregnancy to the fore (there is a archives of ectopic pregnancy)
Mom never experienced surgery concerning the area coarsely the fallopian tubes
Mom never experienced Diethylstiboestrol (DES) during pregnancy
Fallopian tube conditions were experiencing congenital abnormalities
Having a archives of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) such as gonorrhea, chlamydia and PID (pelvic inflamamtory disease)
Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy

By the era the pregnancy reaches the age of 6-10 weeks, unspecified women who have an ectopic pregnancy will experience symptoms:

Pregnant women experience sensitive in the pelvic area to one side and usually occur hastily
Experiencing conditions unscheduled vaginal bleeding or menstrual periods are not atypical
Experiencing unexpected distressed sensation in the lower abdominal region
Pregnant women experience fainting
Symptoms of the campaigner stage of ectopic pregnancy

Abdominal throbbing that appears to be uphill more and more often
Other symptoms are skin see paler pregnant women
The presence of low blood pressure (hypotension)
The occurrence of an increased pulse rate

Ectopic pregnancy is usually deeply higher in diagnosis by doctors, because the signs and symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are furthermore usually occurs in sufficient pregnancy. There are several ways you can reach to detect the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy, in particular by:

Using ultrasound (ultrasonography). Through ultrasound doctors could detect ectopic pregnancies detected because the fallopian tube blinking and the occurrence of bleeding or outdoor the uterus are detected in embryos
By measuring the levels of HCG (human chrionic gonadotopin – pregnancy hormone). Pregnant women who have ectopic her HCG levels usually realize not gathering
Surgery finished considering a small incision in the lower abdomen (laparoscopy)

Doctors will always withdraw condition of ectopic pregnancy by giving medications to subside the along with of the embryo. Long-term effects will be avoided if, the ectopic pregnancy can terdekteksi to come. If an ectopic pregnancy has terdektesi in front, it can be treated by administration of injectable drugs to be absorbed by the body of pregnant women, it can cause the condition of the fallopian tube is yet intact. If immense conditions, such as if the fallopian tube has been inflated, the doctor will comport yourself the surgery.


Approximately 12% of women will again experience an ectopic pregnancy, since it had by now been experiencing an ectopic. Women will at the forefront more become fertile with once more after the experience of ectopic pregnancy (60%), after the curt trauma suffered an ectopic pregnancy and therefore get bond of not throbbing to become pregnant then taking into account furthermore more (30%) and coarsely 10% of women will have fertility problems after experiencing an ectopic pregnancy.

Positive say husbands, brothers, or closest connections will be very necessary for women who have an ectopic pregnancy. This is confirmed to shorten the traumatic experiences of an ectopic pregnancy, so that recovery and nonappearance to become pregnant again may secapatnya recovered (enormously space the condition after shackle an ectopic pregnancy). Consult your condition then your doctor or midwife if you nonattendance to profit pregnant again after experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. It is enormously important to reach, consequently the doctor or midwife can offer you the steps that must be traveled in order to avoid almost-occurrence of ectopic pregnancy. And if, decides to get sticking together of pregnant again, the strict monitoring of subsequent pregnancy is vital, in order to save the pregnancy save going ably until the epoch of delivery unapproachable.


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