New ship AL most sophisticated in Asia

Navy (AL) avowed two supplement warships were KRI types Offshore Oceanographic Support Vessel (OSV) or Bantu Hindro Oceanography (BHO) of the Ministry of Defence. The ship was named KRI KRI Spica Rigel 933 and 944.

The auxiliary vessel AL was rated as the most militant ships in Asia which has the latest features.

“With the two added vessels will reinforce the recommendation group and operate of deeds hydro-oceanographic put in surveys, research, mapping the sea, the message, the application of the marine setting and navigation safety of shipping,” said Chief of Naval Staff (Navy Chief of Staff), Admiral Ade Supandi after the ceremony Kolinlamil handover at the port of the Navy, Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, Tuesday, March 15, 2016.

The ship is made by OCEA in France can with be used in military operations subsidiary than warfare colleague utilization in marine SAR and detection of specific objects in the depths of the sea.

The most futuristic ships in Asia have takeover equipment, along surrounded by others ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle), SSS (Side Scan Sonar), Laser Scanner, AWS (Automatic Weather Station), completeness labs and fisheries survey capabilities.

“This ship is plus equipped when submachine armament caliber 20 mm and 12.7 mm,” he added.

While KRI Spica has a length of 60 meters once 2 facility 8V 4000 M53 diesel engines for two propeller. The boat could achieve the readiness of 14 knots are along with competent to sail 20 days until the rescind of time.

“By rights this boat serves as research and survey vessels, but demikiran afterward can feint-war the role as patrol boats,” he said.

The handover ceremony was attended by two KRI Jakarta Vice Governor, Djarot Saiful Hidayat, Vice Chairman of Commission I of TB Hasanuddin and the French Ambassador to Indonesia Corinne Breuz.


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