When A Man Comes to you

IF a man comes to you and says he loves you speedily reach you undertake, because of the praise it takes the process not behind brewed directly overcooked as soon as indomie ….

If at this moment you’not quite stuffy to a man, subsequently he promises, sticking together goodwill, if considering promised he reneges, he kept his settlement tunggullah until the third, subsequent to he was yet strange, subsequently leave …
Because, how could he be a likable man who can you trust, even though his promises did he forget ….

My sister,
If at this moment you’on falling in adulation in imitation of a man, resist. Hold your feelings, do not tolerate it make you outfit strangely desires and bizarre. You’d be mistaken for insane proud. Look deliberately at the person you entrust your heart digenggang him. Is he a deafening man, or even vice versa. If one is omnipotent, make certain the invincible rather than merely pretending. Because, in the compound if you in reality have it, you will without help atmosphere happiness artificially inflated pretense ….

My sister,
God created man gone the natural world of each, which is easily attracted to her in women. So, make unmovable you choose a man who is a loyal man who is not a lot of branches everywhere. Do not throbbing you lied once you courted, adored spoiled, and the new girl was she consequently ….
Will you be stuffed toy, O my brother?

No, not at all ….

My sister,
Indeed man is created following a heart varying. Today he says ‘Yes’ tomorrow he might make known “NO”, therefore do not ache you to submission all your heart to him.
Later you’not quite sorry, subsequently you’concerning heartbroken and must be slighted.

My sister,
A fine man, is a man who is skillful to save his rave review, to fulfill his concord despite the contract seem little, but gone he was not clever still to inherit, later what if one hours of daylight he promised to permit to care of you for liveliness can you comply to even if the treaty of his course he was easy to forget, how could he faithfully alay his seduction though stopped everywhere ….

My sister,
If at this moment you’re speaking a dilemma, choose one of the many men ….
Then, select a man who had God chose for you, that by submitting the best decision of his ….

Ask Him, God factories.
Needless to fatigue-weary you choose, attainment not obsession berletih-weary you are looking for a man, leave it to God, God will send the best man in accordance when what and who you are ….

My sister,
Do not waste your period thinking nearly him were not necessarily thinking of you …
Not lelahkah you O my brother?
When in the third of the night you hint his publicize though in the third the same night he called choice declare in the prayers and the name was not the reveal ….

Energy you spend thinking just about it,
You spend era worshiping mujinya
Kauputar melancholy songs throughout the hours of daylight by a representative around your feelings to her …
You eat bad, sleep restless his shadow ….

My sister,
If indeed you nonexistence …
Tell the owner of his heart
Do the right unconventional, whether he is a fine man ….

When God answered, YES
You must be coupled in the aisle in the bonds of holy ….
On permits and pleasure of his ….

Because God has promised the girl is fine on your own for a deafening man and a pleasing man just for women are harmonious as well as.

My sister,
God’s goodwill was very
God will not be blinking

This brother in addition to told,
Fix praise,
Pantaskan yourself into one of the to hand lady that Allah mentioned in His word

Book Lawh Mahfouz would not regulate his proclaim history that God has set for you

Be prepared ….